Petman: Biped Robot Aiming For London 2012 Olympics?

Petman: Biped Robot Aiming For Olympics 2012: The new project from Boston Dynamics that’s getting lots of buzz these days is Petman, which the company describes as BigDog’s big brother.Boston Dynamics has released a new video showing that Petman has achieved a fast walking speed of 4.4 mph. Both the walking algorithm and mechanical design are based on their more well known Big Dog robot.The question is, can the mechanics handle jogging?
Petman: Biped Robot
Petman: Biped Robot

Petman's a biped that will be used to test chemical protection clothing for the U.S. Army. With its dynamic movements and ability to simulate sweat and a realistic human body temperature, it is by far the most advanced suit tester ever developed. Petman will take the chemical protection suits through all sorts of stressing tests, like performing calisthenics and moving in ways remarkably similar to human soldiers. The video above only shows a prototype, but already the movements are incredibly human-like.
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